Baby Safety Gates – Finding the Right Gate

Jordy Meier asked: What should I consider when looking for a baby safety gate?
Baby Safety Gates guide
There are a confusing number of choices available to consumers who are seeking a child safety gate. Even after finding one you like, determining exactly which accessory pieces and installation materials will be required for your unique application is a further challenge. Few seem up to the task of providing the needed assistance. Hopefully, the following guidelines will simplify the task for you.

How will the baby gate be used?

Individual child safety gates are designed to meet a limited number of needs. Particular attention should be given when selecting a baby gate for use at the top of a stairway; pressure-mounted safety gates should never be used for this purpose, only hardware mounted gates that are attached to the walls. Other gates are specifically designed to handle a variety of unusual spaces and configurations – spaces without opposing and parallel walls, fireplaces, extra-wide spaces. Take care that the gate you choose is designed to handle the particular task you have in mind.

How is the safety gate constructed?

Child safety gates are constructed of plastic, wood, metal, or mesh. For obvious reasons, gates used around fireplaces are metal. Metal gates are generally more sturdy and long-lasting, but also heavier. Wooden gates are preferred by many for their appearance and are designed to be as safe as any metal gate; however, if being used for a pet, they can be damaged by chewing. Generally, the construction of a gate is more a question of taste than functionality.

How would you prefer to install your child safety gate?

Pressure mounted safety gates area unit typically a lot of faster to put in and may be simply affected from place to place; but they’re solely helpful once you have an area with opposing walls that are parallel and may not be used certainly applications wherever they supply inadequate security, like the highest of a steps. Hardware mounted safety gates take some longer to put in however area unit essential for several applications. Installation kits and accessories area unit out there to assist you touch upon any uncommon installation problems. many folks like pressure-mounted gates to avoid golf stroke holes within the walls. However, note that a pressure mounted gate over time will cause worse injury than a number of trained holes if the surface upon that the pressure is being applied isn’t exhausting enough. If doable, attempt to scan the elaborated directions for putting in a gate before shopping for it. This should help you avoid any unpleasant surprises when you bring it home. With little effort, you can generally find instructions available online on a manufacturer’s website.

How wide is the space?

Baby safety gates are designed to handle a variety of spaces. Extension pieces are usually available to increase the possibilities. Take care to purchase the appropriate extension kits for the gate you have selected to avoid compatibility problems that will reduce the security of your safety gate installation.

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